Glove Mouse project gives 'pinch to zoom' a new meaning (video)

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|03.31.10

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Glove Mouse project gives 'pinch to zoom' a new meaning (video)
MIT's Glove Mouse brings new meaning to 'pinch to zoom' (video)
We never cease to be amazed by the number of projects spawned from that one scene in Minority Report where Tom Cruise goes massively multitouch, but we'll also never tire of seeing those projects in action. The latest is the Glove Mouse from Tony Hyun Kim and Nevada Sanchez at MIT and, while they've been on the project for some time (winning the school's George C. Newton Project Prize in 2009 for their work), they've recently made the gloves wireless and posted some photos and videos. Each glove sports an LED on the back of the index finger, picked up by a low-res webcam to act like a cursor, along with buttons under the index and middle fingers activated by the thumb. It's a little like Wiimote meets Peregrine and the result has a lot of potential to say the least. Click on through for a rocking video demonstration, but be sure to dust off those Guitar Hero controllers before you do.

[Thanks, Nebada]

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