Simmtronics, IBM and Canonical bring $190 Simmbook to emerging markets

Simmtronics' Simmbook netbook has been floating around for a few months now, but it's just gotten a considerable boost thanks to a partnership with IBM and Canonical, who have teamed up with the company in an effort to bring the netbook to emerging markets. That confluence of companies means the netbook will run on Ubuntu Netbook Remix and come pre-loaded with IBM's Client for Smart Work, which includes Lotus Symphony and access to various cloud-based services. As for the netbook itself, it's about as basic as you might expect, including the usual 10-inch display, Atom N270 processor, 1GB of RAM, three-cell battery, and a 160GB hard drive (with a few upgrades available). Then again, it is available off-the-shelf for just $190 right now, and IBM and Simmtronics are apparently working with various clients to offer the netbook at "a competitive price" to other countries around the world.