April Fools: Civilization V to feature 'Extreme Diplomacy'

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April Fools: Civilization V to feature 'Extreme Diplomacy'
Firaxis and 2K Games today announced "Extreme Diplomacy," a new feature for Civilization V, the upcoming installment of the tired strategy series. In an attempt to get the masses playing the turn-based snore fest, the series will add a fighting game death match arena: "two world leaders enter" ... "one world leader leaves." The victor is said to gain control of the defeated's empire.

The publisher has also announced an Über Edition of Civ V, which includes an 8-button joystick "to bring the classic fighting arcade game feel to these Extreme Diplomacy battles." Each faction leader will also have a super move, and we've listed the first six moves to be revealed after the break. Finally, Civilization will have some action!
"Extreme Diplomacy" Super Moves:
  • George Washington's Uncle Slam Attack
  • Oda Nobunaga's Tsunami Train Attack
  • Otto von Bismarck's Hurricane Helmet Spike Attack
  • Ramesses II's Phalanx of the Leopard Army
  • Montezuma's Revenge of the Aztec Army
  • Napoleon's Complex Military Strike
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