HP and Dell said to be investing less in 10-inch netbooks, looking to bigger and better things

The latest word from our favorite rumor rag DigiTimes suggests that HP and Dell are both curtailing investment in the 10-inch netbook market, with their sights now set on the chunkier 11.6-inch size class. Additionally, with profits from machines built on Intel's Pine Trail platform appearing lower than expected, both are also said to be contemplating AMD's alternatives, presumably in the shape of the Neo CPU and Radeon integrated graphics. HP is even claimed to be considering quitting the 10-inch space entirely, which wouldn't be that unusual given the progressive obsolescence we've witnessed with the 7- and 9-inch predecessors of the current de facto netbook standard. Not to worry, though, Acer, ASUS and Samsung are still deeply involved, and the 10-inch mini laptop isn't about to disappear on us anytime soon. What may happen, according to the source, is that we could see fewer smartbooks popping up as a result, which just means we'll have to find some other way to sate those media consumption needs.

Update: Dell has responded to the original DigiTimes article and insists that "what is being reported has no basis in fact." Perhaps it was just an April Fools joke after all.