JooJoo ships to actual consumers, gets dissected for good measure

Can you believe it? No, seriously -- can your mind handle this realness? After months upon months of teetering on the brink of eternal vaporware, the JooJoo tablet is shipping to actual end-users. Yeah, we've had our media unit for a few days, but when you think about how many startups have dreams of shipping devices as substantial as this, just the sight of an unopened FedEx box from its warehouse makes an impact. Frankly, the timing here couldn't possibly be worse, but we're guessing a fair amount of to-be tablet buyers were holding back on plunking down their cold, hard cash to a company that was having issues with the most basic of business processes. So yes, Fusion Garage is actually shipping these to mere mortals today, and just in case you were curious about the insides, one of our engineering tipsters put his Harvard skills to good use by breaking into the casing and having a glance at the nuts and bolts.

He told us that getting inside required the removal of just ten screws (using the correct screwdriver, mind you), and that the RAM slot (1GB provided) was easily accessible. For that matter, the mini PCIe SSD and extra mini PCIe slot were as well, and while he located a 3G SIM slot, he couldn't spot the 3G antenna. On the software front, he noted that he was having all sorts of issues, from Hotmail not loading (it demands an upgrade to a "newer browser" to Netflix streaming not being supported at all. Not exactly reassuring news, but hey, if you're up for hacking Windows 7 onto this thing, at least you can count on getting a product when you hand over those digits.

[Thanks, Ashwani]