Super Street Fighter IV character rebalancing detailed

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Super Street Fighter IV character rebalancing detailed
Ever been playing vanilla Street Fighter IV and thought to yourself, "Man, this Guile character sure could be more Guile-like!"? Really? Wow, Capcom must be reading your mind! In Super Street Fighter IV, the developer claims to have taken Guile and made him, uh, himself again. According to Capcom-Unity, beyond the tweaks to Guile, "Vega got helpful buffs, Dhalsim does more damage (!), M. Bison's psycho crusher has become a scary move again, and Sagat can still be a beast even without making you feel like you got robbed when he beats you." Well then!

Additionally, in a future dev blog update, Capcom has promised to reveal details about the tweaks to El Fuerte, C.Viper, Abel, Rufus, Seth, Akuma, and Gouken. So, will Gouken be even more Gouken-like? The suspense is killing us!
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