Scosche intros Revive II charger with iPad-optimized USB power port

Still weeping over the fact that your iPad won't charge on that 2002 Latitude your company refuses to replace? Take heart, young buck. Scosche understands your frustrations, and it's out to make coping somewhat easier with the Revive II dual-USB chargers. With one for the car and one for the home, you'll most likely never, ever be in a location where your iPad can't be juiced. In case you haven't guessed, one of the USB ports on each charger is of the high-power variety, while the other will happily charge your iPhone, iPod or nearly any other USB-infused gadget that's smaller than a 9.7-inch tablet PC. Both of 'em are up for pre-order now through the company's website, though the $24.99 (car) and $29.99 (home) price tags do feel a touch steep.