Intimate apparel among Final Fantasy XIV equipment

When character creation previews started emerging for Final Fantasy XIV, one of the oft-heard bits of speculation was that there would be some way to customize your character's undergarments. Of course, the idea is on its face rather ridiculous, except for one thing: according to the most recent test article released by Famitsu, you can do precisely that. One of the points discussed from this latest bout with the game are the equipment slots available, twelve in total and including one's underclothes. While we shudder at the thought of farming a boss for underwear, it's most likely a cosmetic option.

The remainder of the article, helpfully translated by FFXIVCore, goes into more details on the game's menus and emotes. The emotes are apparently quite detailed, even including shifting facial expressions. Most of the menu discussion will likely be familiar to Final Fantasy XI players, but even veterans are encouraged to take a look at the full translation. After all, lately it's rarer to not have new Final Fantasy XIV info to digest, and even little things like being able to move windows around the UI are welcome changes.