Activision fails to have No Doubt lawsuit dismissed

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Activision fails to have No Doubt lawsuit dismissed
If the whole West, Zampella and Activision kerfluffle is no longer satisfying your desire for daily litigation drama, we'd like to point you to an old friend we haven't heard from in a while. We speak, of course, of the No Doubt vs. Activision lawsuit, in which the former accused the latter of infringing on its right-of-publicity by allowing their in-game Band Hero avatars to be used to sing other recording artists' songs in the game.

According to the LA Times, Activision recently attempted to invoke freedom-of-speech protections under the 1st Amendment to have the case dismissed out-of-hand -- a tactic shot down by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Kenji Machida. Though Activision has the option to appeal this decision, it looks like the folks from No Doubt might have a chance at taking back their intellectual property and forming a new studio under EA. Wait -- we mixed them up again, didn't we?

Yeah, we did.
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