Pandora handheld looking less like vaporware with each passing day

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|04.19.10

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Pandora handheld looking less like vaporware with each passing day
Two years ago this month, the open-source Pandora handheld missed its first ship date. To their credit, the GP2X community had a working dev board, but the handheld's DS Lite-like case was nowhere to be found, and things have generally progressed at a glacial pace ever since. However, in February, a spark of hope arrived in the form of dev units, and this week, it appears the last lingering snags are finally being undone. The above image is a pair of honest-to-goodness mass produced Pandoras with painted, hopefully final cases; and at the official Pandora blog, the team reports that it now has fully functioning drivers for every component, has resumed production on the mainboards, and intends to ship both cases and boards to the UK soon for final assembly. Everything seems to be finally coming together. At this point, it would take a disaster of biblical proportions -- say, a volcanic eruption -- to stop Pandora buyers from lifting lids later this year.

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