Jagex announces first ever RuneFest for RuneScape players

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Jagex announces first ever RuneFest for RuneScape players
When it comes to free-to-play MMOs, many of the newer generation of gamers cut their teeth in Jagex's web-based fantasy game, RuneScape. Thanks to so many players jumping in, having fun, and telling friends, their playerbase has grown steadily over the years until they are now one of the powerhouse companies of the F2P space. That's why we're sure that RuneScape players will be interested to hear that Jagex is planning on throwing one hell of a party as their way of saying thanks to their community, in the form of RuneFest 2010.

Slated for Saturday, August 28th, in London, RuneFest 2010 will offer long-time fans of the game a chance to interact with the crew from Jagex through panels, events -- and over a few drinks, we're sure! While the specific details such as venue, pricing, and a full schedule of events are still in the planning stages, they have mentioned live events, panels, competitions, and promise that attendees will be "privy to an exclusive gameplay experience on-site that will be like nothing experienced before or again outside the RuneFest walls."

For those interested, there's an email sign-up over on the shiny new site they've created just for RuneFest. Players also have the option of signing up for first crack at early tickets, which are expected to go on sale later this month.
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