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Samsung goes display crazy: H03 pico projector, SyncMaster PX2370 LCD and more

Well, what do you know? Seems Samsung set up shop in the heart of London and threw itself a product introduction party! In case the company's new laptop and desktop options didn't tickle your fancy, Sammy's giving you a host of new display options as well. Kicking things off is the June-bound H03, which the company claims is the "world's brightest pico projector" with just 30 ANSI lumens -- too bad we've seen units with far more already. Moving on, there's the new SyncMaster PX2370 LED-backlit LCD monitor, offering up a 16:9 aspect ratio, a Touch of Color design, 2ms response time, VGA / DVI / HDMI inputs and a 1080p native resolution. Bringing up the rear is the 1,000 ANSI lumen LED-based SP-F10M projector and the SyncMaster MD230, the latter of which we saw toying with ATI's Eyefinity solution back at CES. Sadly, no concrete pricing details were made public, but you can peruse the respective press releases just beyond the break.

Update: Samsung pinged us to clarify here -- the H03 can muster 30 ANSI lumens on AC power or battery, whereas the other guys dip below 30 when using battery power. Mystery solved.

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30 ANSI LUMEN H03 weighs less than a smart phone

LONDON – May 11, 2010 – Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd., the number one worldwide brand of display products, today announced the UK launch of its first Pico LED projector. The H03, weighing less than 210g, features 30 ANSI brightness in a sleek and compact design.

The H03 has been designed to provide the world's brightest Pico display solution on the go. Weighing less than a smart phone, the H03's ultra-efficient LED lamp gives over 30,000 hours of lamp life to offer an unparalleled projector solution for consumers and business workers on the go.

Quality and mobility are at the heart of the H03. The projector can be powered by a removable battery pack or via a power cable, meaning it can be used during meetings in the office or to enjoy a movie at home – the possibilities are endless.

Speaking at the launch of the H03 at the British Museum, Graham Long, Vice President of Samsung's IT Business Division said: "With the world's brightest display encased in a lightweight, stylish design, we believe that the H03 is a ground breaking product that will revolutionise the Pico projector market.

"The H03 doesn't just rely on good looks and portability – it also packs a powerful punch when it comes to features. A document reader and speakers are just some of the other features that make the H03 a market leading display solution."

Multimedia experience
The H03 combines a sleek design with some impressive multimedia features. The H03 boasts great sound quality with a built in speaker for enjoying multimedia content.

While offering a fantastic multimedia experience, the H03 also excels in the office environment thanks to the document reader feature. The reader supports all of the Microsoft Office programmes, PDF, TXT, HTML, MPEGS, and JPEGS.

The H03 also boasts an impressive array of connectivity options. The device features PC in (D-sub, 15 pin), AV composite in, USB port (for memory, download, external power), head set jack, SD card slot for external memory and a tri-pod fitting for mounting.

The H03 will be available in the UK in June 2010.

SyncMaster MD230 and ATI EYEFINITY create seamless entertainment solution

LONDON – May 11, 2010 – Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd., the number one worldwide brand in display products, revealed the new SyncMaster MD230 entertainment solution today at a special launch event at the British Museum.
The MD230 has been designed to provide an expansive visual experience by connecting up to six monitors on one stand. The result is a seamless multi-display environment, perfect for the home or the office, allowing the user to create a truly panoramic experience.

The SyncMaster MD230 works with ATI's EYEFINITY technology to create an ultra sharp, seamless display. As well as featuring some impressive specifications, including a 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 300cd/m2 resolution, the MD230's thin and sleek design means it will make a fantastic addition to any home or office environment.

Speaking at the launch event at the British Museum in London, Graham Long, Vice President of Samsung's IT Business Division said: "The MD230 is a perfect solution for users who want a large, super sharp display spread across multiple screens, whether it's gaming in the home or working in the office."

"The innovative design of the MD230, along with class-leading technology with ATI's EYEFINITY software makes this new product a truly unique offering in this market."

The viewing platform of the MD230 is enhanced thanks to its ultra-slim bezel. As a result, users will experience a bigger, better picture on multiple screens across a seamless viewing platform. The MD230's design also offers users enhanced efficiency and interaction, helping to create the panoramic, expansive display solution.

Syncmaster MD230 Monitor Key Specs
• 23" display
• 1920 x 1080 resolution
• Contrast ratio - DC 150,000: 1 (Typ. 3,000:1)
• 8ms (GTG) video response time
• DVI-D, Display Port, D-Sub inputs


Eco-Friendly SP-F10M Dramatically Reduces Total Cost of Ownership and Is
Ideal for Business, Education & Government Markets
LONDON – May 11, 2010 – Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd., the number one worldwide brand of display products, announced today that its LED data projector , the 1,000 ANSI lumen LED-based data projector (Samsung SP-F10M), will be launching in the UK in the coming weeks
Industry's First 1,000 ANSI Lumen LED-Based Data Projector

The industry's first LED data projector with 1,000 ANSI lumens was launched at a special event at the British Museum, where Samsung unveiled its latest range of Business IT products. Compared with existing LED projectors - most of which are rated at 200 ANSI lumens - Samsung's new LED data projector allows business users to view an incredibly bright display, supporting easier reading conditions and less eye-strain.

The SP-F10M has an LED light source that guarantees a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, equivalent to 20 years, based on four hours of use per day, with no need for lamp replacement.

The SP-F10M offers a selection of unique data projector features ideal for helping busy professionals host effective and compelling meetings. With the PC-free File Viewer feature users can present Microsoft Office and PDF files in their native file format via a USB port, thereby increasing efficiency and familiarity.

Furthermore, Samsung's LED data projector brings advanced technology for unparalleled brightness. With its latest projector technology, the company is committed to expanding its market leadership with its LED-based pocket and data projectors.

"At Samsung, we pride ourselves on a leadership position in the LED marketplace and that technology is a driving force in the development of this product which offers considerable brightness and color intensity advantages, in addition to reduced environmental impact and TCO," said Graham Long, Vice President of Samsung's IT Business Division. "Utilizing the latest technologies and our own R&D, we believe we have created a truly game-changing product."

LED Light Source Provides a Range of Advantages

From an environmental standpoint, eliminating the conventional halogen bulb, which contains mercury filaments, dramatically reduces the negative environmental effects associated with their disposal. These disposal costs also contribute to total cost of ownership (TCO).

The LED also maintains its brightness compared to other projectors that lose up to 50 percent over the life of the bulb. The greater color intensity and wide color gamut covers over 120% of the colour spectrum, allowing a more flexible projector, which can be used on a blackboard or green board, in addition to whiteboards and screens, thereby opening it up to educational and governmental environments.

The reduced decibel level and power-up time provided by the LED light source also add to the appeal of the SP-F10M.

Design Innovations Unique to Samsung

Samsung continues to craft innovative products designed to perform at the highest levels, and the projector line is no exception. The SP-F10M comes equipped with PC-free File Viewer, which allows presenters to work directly from a USB memory stick on Microsoft® Office and Adobe® PDF documents in their native file format.

A closed captioning feature also adds to the product's versatility.

SP-F10M Key Specs

• Unparalleled brightness of 1,000 ANSI lumens from LED-based data projector
• LED light source rated at 30,000 hours of life
• XGA (1024x768) native resolution
• Image size ranging 40-300 inches
• USB port with PC-free File Viewer, allowing presentation of Microsoft® Office and Adobe® PDF documents in their native file format.
• HDMI input, along with PC (VGA) connectivity
• 12.1 x 11.3 x 4.0 inch
• 9.3 lbs
• Closed captioning


Premium LED BLU Monitor combines Sleek Design and Energy Efficiency

LONDON – May 11, 2010 – Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd., the number one worldwide brand in display products, today announced the UK launch of its latest premium consumer LED BLU monitor, the 23 inch Samsung SyncMaster PX2370.
The PX2370 is designed with a simple, sophisticated black transparent shell. It also incorporates a range of innovations to make it one of the most eco-friendly LED BLU monitors on the market, while providing an unrivalled user experience with excellent image quality.
The monitor contains a number of features to maximise energy efficiency, including Samsung's Smart Sensor Technology, Magic Lux, with the Ambient Light Sensors (ALS), which automatically adjusts brightness by sensing surrounding intensity of illumination. As a result of this innovative feature, the PX2370 has been awarded with Energy Star™ and EPEAT Gold Certification.
Speaking at a special launch event at the British Museum in London, Graham Long, Vice President of Samsung's IT Business Division said: "With its slim 16.5mm depth and eco-friendly design, the PX2370 leads the way with the smallest footprint possible, both on the desktop and the environment."
Graham added: "Consumers no longer have to choose between a high-performance, feature-laden product and eco-friendly technology."
Vivid, Dynamic Images
The display boasts s-RGB 100% coverage and a Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio as well as a16:9 Full HD resolution to display more vivid and dynamic images. This makes it ideal for use across a wide range of applications, especially wide-format multimedia images, such as video and CAD. With a slender 16.5mm depth and premium styling, the PX2370 ensures that both the on-screen image and overall design are pleasing to the eye.
Minimising Environmental Impact
In addition to its energy-efficient technology, the monitor also contains other major advances to minimise environmental impact of its components. The PX2370 uses Samsung's Premium Touch of Color™ (ToC) Design and is crafted from black and transparent materials that don't require painting, ensuring it contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), making recycling simpler and safer.
The monitor is halogen- and lead-free, recyclable and engineered to reduce power consumption by up to 40%, making it much more efficient than conventional monitors. In fact, if the PX2370 monitor saves 120W each day, that's the annual equivalent of eliminating 10.8kg of CO2 emitted from an oil-burning power plant-which produces the same effect as planting four pine trees.
Syncmaster PX2370 Monitor Key Specs
• Thin 16.5mm design
• s-RGB 100% coverage
• MEGA DCR 5,000,000:1 (Static Contrast Ratio 1000:1)
• Ultra fast 2ms (GTG) video response time
• Analog RGB/DVI/HDMI inputs
• Offers a 1080p Full HD experience
• "Touch of Color" (ToC™) technology
• Ambient Light sensor