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TUAW's Daily App: Umbrella Today

TUAW's Daily App: Umbrella Today
Mike Schramm
Mike Schramm|May 12, 2010 8:00 AM
Last fall, I moved out here to Southern California, and while I don't mean to brag, my concerns about the weather outside have fallen right off of my list of priorities; it's sunny and 70ºF here most of the time. However, back when I lived in Chicago, I had to check and see what the weather was like every day before I went out . While I was interested in the temperature, the conditions, and even the wind speed (it's a Windy City, in case you haven't heard), there was really just one question that I needed answered: Umbrella today?

Umbrella Today is a site that answers that question for you. It's the brainchild of tech consultant firm thoughtbot. All you have to do is punch in your ZIP code, and you will get a yes or no answer as to whether you'll need to bring that umbrella or not. Of course, you're not always near a computer, so they've turned the site into an iPhone app. The app will not only answer the question, but it will even provide scheduled alerts or push notifications when you need to carry that umbrella.

I love it -- it's simple, practical, and effective. The app is US$1.99, but even if you have an issue with that price, you can set up an email alert on the site for free. Still, a one-time payment of $2 is cheap for never being caught empty-handed in the rain again.
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