Hobby artist creates paintings on the iPad

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|05.13.10

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Hobby artist creates paintings on the iPad
Obama Pacman's got a few cool paintings by an artist named John Haasl. The unique thing about these paintings is that Haasl created them exclusively with the iPad. While a lot of the talk around the iPad has centered on the device as a content consumer, content creation is definitely easier in one big area with a much larger touchscreen, and of course, that's art. Not only does the extra screen space help out would-be artists, but the processing power makes things quick and easy, too.

Haasl is using ArtStudio for iPad for his work, and there's other good software available as well (SketchBook Pro is another popular app, though it's a little more expensive, with ArtStudio on sale for just a buck). Haasl says that he takes about two days to put a painting together, and it's totally a hobby -- his day job is in IT.

It's very cool, anyway. It will also be interesting to see what professional artists end up doing with the iPad's screen, and if some of the new interfaces for art make their way back to traditional computers.
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