Massively Exclusive: More details on Sword 2

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Massively Exclusive: More details on Sword 2
Earlier this week we learned that Sword of the New World 2 is under development. The team at GamersFirst provided us with exclusive screenshots and a bit of development information.

Those who tried Sword of the New World were very curious. Sword 2 looks good, and pretty screenshots are nice, but what is the game going to be like? As promised, we have a wealth of new information from GamersFirst, all about Sword 2. Follow along after the jump for a look at some of the new features -- you'll be seeing some old familiar favorites and some exciting new additions as well.
Three Character Control

This staple of SotNW will carry over to Sword 2, something that will be good news for many fans. You'll be able to control up to three characters simultaneously, forming your own holy trinity -- or something even more creative if you're feeling adventurous. Altaholics will have the advantage of leveling three characters at once, choosing from Musketeer, Elementalist, Fighter, Wizard, and Scout.

As you advance in Sword 2, you'll come across Unique Playing Characters (UPCs) who will ask for your help, serve to advance the storyline, and maybe even become a part of your family. The UPCs will have their own skill sets, or stances, that you will advance separately from your own characters. You'll have room for 54 playing characters in your Family -- plenty of room for the 45 available UPCs, so be sure to take your time and enjoy getting to know them.

Baron PvP server

Sword 2 will bring about a few new changes sure to please PvP fans of every kind -- and possibly elicit a sigh of relief from PvE-only players. The game will continue to offer PvP on all servers, but hardcore PvPers will want to head to the Baron PvP server as fast as they are able. This dedicated PvP server brings a higher risk and a higher reward: you can kill any player over level 51 and possibly snag some of their loot. Be careful, though, because every kill raises your Baron Level and puts you closer to a trip to the exile camp in Los Toldos. The NPCs in the major cities don't look kindly on the mass slaughter of the residents, and you'll find them unwilling to have anything to do with you for a while.

A high Baron Level poses another risk as well. At moderate Baron Levels you stand a chance of dropping any unequipped gear when you're killed, while higher levels bring the risk of dropping even equipped gear. It's best to venture out with as little in your bags and on your person as possible.

On the other hand, the greater risk brings greater rewards. High Baron levels give you a large bonus to your attack and damage, making you more powerful and difficult to defeat.
Political PvP and Faction Wars

These familiar elements will remain in Sword 2 but have a much more central focus. Political PvP will be on all servers, going way beyond Team 1 vs. Team 2 hack-and-slash. Your fight begins away from the battlefield when you choose your faction: Republican or Royalist. If you're a clan leader and feeling ambitious you can even pursue the title of Faction Leader, elected by the clans in your faction.

The two factions fight for control of Colonies around the New World in Faction Wars, with the Dominate Faction (the one with the most colonies) at the end of each month receiving a large in-game cash payment. The elected Faction Leader receives the payment and can divide the money among the players in the Faction or keep it all, so it's important to elect a trustworthy leader.

Launching this summer

Sword 2 will remain free-to-play just like its predecessor, with launch just around the corner. If you're interested in seeing all of this firsthand you're in luck, because we've saved the best news for last. Open beta is here now, and you can sign up right now GamersFirst and visit the New World yourself.

Finally, we've got a few more exclusive images from Sword2 to share with you, so take a look at the updated gallery below, then visit GamersFirst to sign up for open beta!

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