Caption contest: Windows 7-themed restaurant serves 64-bit grub in Taiwan

We (falsely) assumed that the Windows 7 Whopper would be the last food item ever associated with an operating system, and now we're quite literally eating our words. As the story goes, a Hot Fried 77 restaurant has opened up over in Taiwan, offering tons of "Windows-themed meals" for NTD $77 (around $3 in Greenbacks), and judging by the cornucopia of images down there in the source, we're guessing this is no prank. We're debating whether laughing or crying is the appropriate emotion here.

Josh T.: "While you're throwing .bak some fries and a burger, you should enjoy a .dll pickle."
Nilay: "This is not what we meant by Windows 7 Server."
Chris: "I'm a PC, and putting down a pint of Beast while installing Windows 7 was my idea."
Richard Lai: "This is the real Windows Genuine Advantage."
Joe: "We like to believe that Microsoft started with the restaurant and then reverse engineered an OS."
Richard Lawler: "Obviously, there's no word for Seagrams in their language."
Darren: "You haven't heard? Alcohol consumption by end-user is now listed in Minimum System Requirements."
Josh F.: "When reading 'serve it to us on a plate' in a literal sense goes horribly right."
Joanna: "Everything I come up with is just wrong."
Don: "Can you tell me where the XP Cafe is?"
Paul: "Would you like that in 32-bit or 64-bit?"

[Thanks, Chris]