Fantasy Earth Zero celebrates launch with special events

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|05.18.10

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Fantasy Earth Zero celebrates launch with special events
It's launch day for Fantasy Earth Zero, the PvP-oriented free-to-play game from Gamepot USA and Square-Enix. The official launch alone would be enough reason for fans to be excited, but there's better yet to come, as the game is running several events to celebrate. The most obvious one is a week of boosted experience and money -- from today until the 25th of May, all players will receive a bonus 50% to both experience and Rings gained. It helps ensure that your time spent leveling now will be on the faster side, allowing players to dive into the high end of the game even faster.

Players are also being given five free enchantments to help boost their prowess in battle within the same timeframe. If all that weren't enough, Mission Maps will be updating at a higher clip during the week after launch -- the Mission Maps exist as an alternative to spending money in the cash shop, which makes a higher turnaround help speed up progress further. All players who took part in the second open beta will also receive a New Soldier Set as a present, containing potions as well as an experience-boosting ring. Take a look at our gallery below for some special launch-day screenshots, and if you're curious, take a closer look at Fantasy Earth Zero itself.

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