Sprint CFO: 'Pre didn't work out as well as we hoped'

The worst of Palm's fears may be over now that HP has played the knight-in-shining-armor role, but Sprint -- the States' number three carrier -- still has a ways to go before it can claim it's out of the woods, having gone a solid string of fiscal quarters now without posting a profit or a net gain in subscribers. Of course, this is the kind of situation that puts dudes with the word "financial" in their titles on the hot seat, and sure enough, Sprint CFO Robert Brust came out swinging at an investor conference this week. Brust points to narrowing losses and an expanding prepaid presence as reasons he thinks the company can grow revenue by year-end, not to mention an expanding 4G footprint and -- on a closely related note -- the imminent release of the EVO 4G. Showing a bit of humility, he also said that the company has "learned a lot" since the launch of the Pre, acknowledging that the phone "didn't work out as well as [they] hoped." In other words: we wouldn't expect any more crazy two-phone exclusive deals with Palm lasting the better part of a year any time soon.