Latest Atlantica Online dev diary details new patch

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Latest Atlantica Online dev diary details new patch
Atlantica Online's latest developer diary brings welcome news to players: details of the latest major patch. NDOORS have made changes and adjustments to both the PvE and PvP sides of the game, so no matter where your gameplay preference lies, you're sure to find something new that interests you.

Many of the changes are small on the surface but will bring some important conveniences to fans. PvP players, for example, don't need to worry about finishing a competition with a full inventory. They'll now receive any items that don't fit in their inventory by mail. PvE players will find some updates to old quests as well as one completely new one.

We've included the full Atlantica Online developer diary entry after the jump, so follow along for all the details.
Dear Atlantians,

This month we are happy to present our next major patch. This patch brings in new updates to Atlantica and we're sure you'll love the changes with the mercenary utilization, new quests, and new features we have in store for you!

One of the biggest changes players will see will be the ability to utilize 2 Hwarangs, Minstrels, and Punishers in their formation. This new addition will increase the power and diversity of player formations to create new tactics when fighting. We look forward to see how these new changes will influence players' formations, and to see how this change will be integrated into Atlantica.

On the competitive side of Atlantica, we made some small adjustments to accommodate our players. Players who participate in our competitions with a full inventory will now be able to receive items in the player's mailbox. Also, players will also receive more guild points, but only in regards to certain divisions.

"We hope this new patch provides a great improvement and benefit for our players in the world of Atlantica, and hope they will enjoy all the new features to come."

We have also gone back and revisited some of our old quests, as well as providing a new one. A new quest has been implemented in North America called the Sobbing Girl Ginger quest. For this quest, players will help the little girl find her father in an abandoned village. We have also gone back to make some adjustments to some of our current quests, which players can find out more about when our patch notes go live.

We have also made some changes with the items in our game. We've added in the 'Rate' button in the Jackpot Challenge so players can check current market rates on items accumulated in the Jackpot Challenge. Players will also be able to exchange +7 gear and +10 gear at level 70 and above with NPC [Wild Cat]. We also reduced the crafting unit of creating freezing equipment. These changes as well as others will be available in our patch notes.

We've also made changes to guilds. We have increased the amount of guild points and experience earned when completing guild quests. We've also increased the guild experience reward for killing monsters, winning competitions, and as mentioned previously, guild quests.

Finally, we have added in several tweaks here and there to improve the game. We have improved camera view and rotation to give you better viewing angles. The Southeast Asia India area has been expanded as well, and a new town is included as well, called Jakarta. We have also made improvements on our interface to make playing the game easier for users. We hope this new patch provides a great improvement and benefit for our players in the world of Atlantica, and hope they will enjoy all the new features to come.
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