GP2X gaming handheld modded with D-pad, PSP batteries (video)

Darren Murph
D. Murph|05.21.10

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These days, it's the Pandora making waves in the world of handheld emulation, but GamePark's GP2X could arguably be credited with starting the whole phenomenon. John Grayson recently decided that the original simply wasn't keeping up with the times, however, and decided to swap out a joystick for a more traditional D-pad. Moreover, he yanked those weak AA batteries and shoehorned a pair of PSP Li-ion cells in there instead, boosting his SNES play time to just over four hours on a full charge. Thankfully for you, neither tweak seems all that difficult to implement, and the sub-10 minute clip waiting after the break does a rather outstanding job of giving you the play-by-play. So yeah, !

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