DARPA program will detect your anomalous behavior, eliminate you

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|05.23.10

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DARPA program will detect your anomalous behavior, eliminate you
Crime prevention is boring -- crime prediction, on the other hand, is tres exciting! Indeed, we've seen a few pre-crime projects in the past, but very little that existed outside the realm of cockamamie. That is, until we laid eyes on a new project from DARPA called SMITE (or Suspected Malicious Insider Threat Elimination). This one actually seems -- dare we say it? -- feasible. Details are sketchy (they're still in the RFI stages) but essentially the idea is to create a database of actions that correspond to "malicious" behavior; for instance, espionage. It's hoped that behaviors can be detected before they lead to an actual crime, which leads to all sorts of ethical and philosophic questions that we quite frankly don't have the energy to ponder on a Friday afternoon. Luckily for all of us, this is DARPA we're talking about -- so chances are this won't go anywhere. But if it does? As The Register kindly points out, the "e" in SMITE stands for "elimination." Nice. [Warning: PDF source link]
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