Shanzai shocker! VIA processors in $100 Android tablets later this year

Brace for a storm of craptablets: this week, Taiwanese semiconductor firm VIA said its processors will appear in a new slate of cheap Android tablets destined for the US in the second half of this year. Speaking to Bloomberg, VIA marketing head Richard Brown said the company's Chinese customers will ship around five tablets, that they'll appear at $100 to $150 price points, and that "the tablet market has been legitimized by Apple" -- that last likely in an attempt to make Bloomberg utter the words "VIA" and "iPad" in the same breath. (It worked.) Mind you, the iPad certainly isn't the be-all, end-all of tablet computing, but we wouldn't expect to get a legitimate iPad killer for $100, either. We think we said it best in April: you get what you pay for.