Brite-View HDelight brings WHDI to laptops and netbooks

We've been following WHDI's story for quite awhile now, and Brite-View looks like it will be one of the first to bring the wireless HD technology to laptops with its HDelight. The setup is pretty self explanatory -- you've got a larger-than-we'd-like box that hooks up to your laptop via HDMI and then a even larger box that attaches to a monitor or HDTV. The Brite-View guys had a demo running at the Netbook Summit, and we found ourselves quite impressed -- thanks to the second-generation 5GHz WHDI chip, there's no noticeable latency when streaming 1080p video from the laptop to the larger display. According to Brite-View, the delightful product (sorry, we had to) will ship this summer for some amount under $150. Not a bad deal, but even if the quality is better than Intel's WiDi, you really can't beat the convenience of having the technology built-in to your laptop -- though, WHDI's CEO promises a similar solution by the end of the year. Jump on past the break for a quick video of the HDelight in action (and the full presser, too). %Gallery-93756%

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brite-View's 'HDelight' Will Wirelessly Transmit Uncompressed 1080p Digital Content from PC to TV at San Francisco's Netbook Summit

Turn Any PC with HDMI Ports into HTPC and Wirelessly Stream Netflix and Hulu to Any HDTV

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 20 /PRNewswire/ -- brite-View's HDelight (BV-1222), a 1080p wireless PC-to-TV transmission kit, will help users finally achieve the dream of enjoying all digital content from the Internet, a computer hard drive, game machine or home network on HDTV. brite-View will display the HDelight at the WHDI™ (Wireless Home Digital Interface™) booth (#303) at San Francisco's Netbook Summit on May 24-25, 2010. The HDelight will officially launch in July 2010, and the price is expected to be under $200.

The first solution of its kind, the HDelight is not limited to use with specific PC or HDTV models. Provided the PC and HDTV have HDMI ports, the HDelight can air bridge the two and transmit uncompressed, 1080p high-definition content from computer to TV with no noticeable latency. brite-View is targeting later in 2010 for the release of another multi-room solution, which will be fully compatible with the WHDI standard.

Featuring AMIMON's wireless module (the technology that is the foundation of the WHDI standard), brite-View's HDelight is an affordable and flexible 1080p wireless PC-to-TV transmission kit. Users simply connect the HDelight's transmitter to their PC's HDMI port, and the receiver to the TV's HDMI jack. Consumers are then free to enjoy content from any source, not just the traditional set-top box or DVD player. The market responded well to the brite-View Air HD (BV-2500), and the new HDelight kit will build on that success.

"brite-View products are user-friendly, affordable and feature the most advanced technology," said Robert Lo, CEO of Xpike Innovations, which owns the brite-View brand. "The HDelight lets users enjoy online entertainment on the big screen. This will be a whole new experience for PC users, especially since Netflix will soon begin streaming 720p HD content."

The HDelight is ideal for three major uses:

* Entertainment: Wirelessly streams Hulu, Netflix and YouTube, and has a no-latency feature that will give gamers the "rush" of experiencing PC gaming on a large-screen TV.
* Communication: With Skype installed on the computer, HDelight brings Skype's recently launched five-way video conferencing to larger displays.
* Information: Students of online education are no longer bound to the computer screen. The HDelight enables better learning experiences on a large-screen TV.

For those who cannot attend the Netbook Summit, brite-View has also released a YouTube video ( showing the HDelight in action, working seamlessly with the HDMI-ready PC and TV in a living room setting.

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