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Sony Dash software update adds USB playback by month's end

Sony Dash software update adds USB playback by month's end
Thomas Ricker
Thomas Ricker|@trixxy|May 27, 2010 3:40 AM
Looks like Sony will be dishing out a new software update to Dash owners shortly. The first over-the-air update for Sony's Personal Internet Viewer is expected to arrive at the end of the month carrying a number of usability and feature enhancements according to a Sony email sent to Dash owners. These include MP3 playback and picture viewing off USB, a full-screen app theme, and enhanced alarm functionality like adjustable snooze duration and one-touch alarm dismissal. Sony's also promising new themes and additional internet radio options in a June update. Too bad Sony can't deliver the device a battery and faster processor OTA but hey, free software is free. See the full contents of the Sony email after the break.

[Thanks Doug S.]
Dear Valued Sony Customer,

Thanks for purchasing the new Dash™ Personal Internet Viewer. We hope that you're finding it a fun and useful addition to your home.

As a connected device, we'll constantly be improving Dash to better meet your needs. At the end of this month, we'll send out our first over-the-air software update. This update will provide usability and utility enhancements, including:

• USB functionality for MP3 music playback and photo viewing
• A new theme called "Full Screen App" that allows your apps to scroll in full-screen mode
• Enhanced alarm functionality, including adjustable snooze duration for custom alarms and simplified one-touch alarm dismissal

When the update arrives, a black dialogue box will pop up on your Dash screen, informing you that an update is available. Simply choose "Now", and after the download is complete, your Dash will restart with these improvements. (Quick tip: If you choose "Later", putting your dash into Night mode and then resuming normal operation by touching anywhere on the screen will bring up the dialogue box again.)

Watch for other updates next month, including new themes and the addition of expanded Internet radio options. And remember, if you ever have questions about Dash, visit http://www.sony.com/dashforums. Also, be sure to join the Dash community at http://www.facebook.com/Sonydash.