How would you change Apple's Core i7 MacBook Pro?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|05.29.10

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How would you change Apple's Core i7 MacBook Pro?
Apple's secrets have been getting out a bit more than usual over the past couple of months, and few were shocked when Intel's newest slabs of silicon slithered beneath the unibody shells of the freshest MacBook Pros. The Core i7 rig in particular drew attention, as this was the first MBP to surface with components within capable of rivaling Wintel machines from half a year ago. One thing that struck us in our own review of the unit was the lack of change outside of the CPU; you're still dealing with the same underwhelming arrangement of ports, and unless you opt for the 17-incher, you're still wondering why Apple ganked your ExpressCard slot. Enough of our ranting -- we're here to hear what exactly you have to say about Apple's newest MacBook Pro. Would you have added in USB 3.0 ports? Finally caved and threw in a Blu-ray option? Added a "Flash-capable" sticker in the palm rest? Go on, get creative in comments below.

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