Study explores link between gamers and lucid dreams

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Study explores link between gamers and lucid dreams
So, you know that recurring dream you've been having for the past three weeks? You know, the one where you're riding cross-country in a hot air balloon in the shape of Ed Asner's head? And then the balloon-face looks down upon you, frowns with disappointment, detaches the basket, and you fall into a volcano made of knives? According to a study conducted by Grant MacEwan University researcher Jayne Gackenbach, you might be able to take the fate of dream-you into your own hands.

Gackenbach's survey concluded that gamers are more prone to reporting "lucid dreams" or "control dreams," in which they view themselves in a third-person perspective with complete control of their actions and the world around them. When faced with a nightmare, participants of the study claimed to have a proclivity to "turn and fight back," according to Gackenbach. So, next time you're falling, remember: There's been a jetpack under your sweater the entire time.

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