Qualcomm eBook concept preview: MSM7227 and Android onboard

My, how the tablets have turned. Despite valiant efforts, even Acer can't resist the temptation of diving into the ever-expanding e-reader market, but rather than going head to head with Amazon's Kindle, the company seems to be readying at least one unique creature for release into the mainstream. Thanks to a stop at Qualcomm's lair here at Computex, we think we may have found the company's numero dos. In just about every respect, the simply-titled eBook is nothing at all like the LumiRead; in fact, it looks (sort of) like an iPhone 4G after pulling a Mark McGwire. We weren't told just how large the screen was, but as you can tell from the gallery below, it's quite long. The device was reportedly made as a way to showcase Qualcomm's aging MSM7227 processor, and while there's obviously no way to know if this thing is / isn't headed for the production line, it was running Android underneath. Unfortunately, responsiveness wasn't this thing's strong suit, and it was fairly obvious that the software wasn't exactly fully baked (we surely hope not, anyway). That said, the form factor could certainly be honed into something practical, and we're sure they could get the UI humming along a bit smoother if they really put their minds to it. For now, it's the gallery below... or nothin'.

Update: Qualcomm pinged us to say that this here device is actually courtesy of Foxconn (rather than Acer). We will point out, however, that the placard on display clearly states otherwise. Make of it what you will. %Gallery-94051%