Yepp, Samsung's working on another PMP -- but this one's a four-inch Android with AMOLED

Samsung's interstellar voyage with Android has just begun, it seems -- after a host of smartphones and a freshly announced tablet, it looks like the OS will cameo in a new Yepp PMP. The YP-MB2 was recently spotted in the databases of the Bluetooth SIG, where it's described as "a multi functional Mobile Internet Device" with GPS, Wi-Fi, TouchWiz 3.0 and a huge four-inch AMOLED touchscreen. Digging deeper into the technical documents, we can see it's got Android as well -- oh, and Bluetooth, of course. As the geographic availability section reads "Asia" and the unit's "MB" designation typically means South Korea's T-DMB, we don't expect to ever see it stateside, but when the device surfaces next you can probably expect it to look like a larger one of these.