Acer Liquid gets early Android 2.2 ROM, unstable CPU unlock (video)

Nexus One, EVO 4G, Droid and Dream sure, but the Acer Liquid? Yes, the underclocked Snapdragon slate that never made it stateside has just received its own Android 2.2 port. Though still in early alpha with no Wi-Fi or camera functionality and plenty of bugs to boot, the freshly frozen yogurt has the Liquid turning tricks already -- with very playable-looking framerates in Raging Thunder II and Flash video support. Early adopters note that the phone isn't terribly stable at higher CPU frequencies, so don't expect to push that processor much higher than stock, but even 768MHz is reportedly nice and snappy when you're running Android 2.2. Video proof after the break, and you'll find the unfinished ROM at our more coverage link if you're the adventurous sort. [Thanks, Miroslav]