Pocket protector, meet your cousin: the iPad suit

Sang Tang
S. Tang|06.06.10

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Sang Tang
June 6th, 2010
Pocket protector, meet your cousin: the iPad suit

Apple products often spawn ecosystems of product categories to facilitate their existence. The iPod and iPhone, for instance, gave birth to speaker docks, FM transmitters and protective cases. And now an ecosystem of products is materializing for the iPad: they include cases of all sorts, bean bag lap rests and, yes, clothes. Suits, to be specific.

Upscale Manhattan tailor Mohan's Tailor Shop, which boasts a clientele including Barry Bonds, Walt Frazier and Gary Carter, recently unveiled a custom made suit with a jacket pocket to accommodate the iPad (as reported in the WSJ). The impetus for it was the result of several customer requests for the feature; since its unveiling, the tailor says it has received about "100 calls and scheduled several dozen appointments with customers over the next several weeks" for a fitting.

Mohan's must be pulling off some magic of its own to fit Apple's "magical" device in a jacket pocket. At 1.6 pounds, I'm guessing the iPad may pull one side of the jacket lower than the other, thus necessitating some kind of counterbalance.

Personally, I'd rather just use a bag.

[via Cult of Mac]

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