Notion Ink Adam 'on track' for Q3 after all, may have 'more aggressive price'

Thought the Notion Ink Adam was delayed yet again? So did we, but founder Rohan Shravan just cleared up all that nonsense with a new update. If you've been pining for a Pixel Qi screen, you'll be happy to know the Tegra 2 tablet is still on track for Q3, and will be joined by a cheaper LCD version around the same period. Celebrating his good fortune at securing investment, Shravan teased lower prices and a third, more battery efficient Notion Ink as well, but on this last point even he agrees he might be getting ahead of himself. Honestly, at this point we'd be happy to see even a single retail unit -- we're already getting distracted by alternatives.

Updated: We just heard from Rohan again and he tells us that the Adam will likely run Froyo. Instead of Google's Market for apps, Notion Ink has its own content and application store called Genesis. We pressed him for more exact timing and pricing, but apparently our charming personalities couldn't get him to give up anymore at the moment.