Weatherstock '10 takes the stage in LotRO this Saturday

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|06.10.10

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Weatherstock '10 takes the stage in LotRO this Saturday
You know how your hippie relatives are forever bragging about how they went to Woodstock during the Summer of Free Love, and how your generation will never experience something that historical and muddy? Well, now you can get all up in their faces and say, "Yeah, but were you at Weatherstock in Lord of the Rings Online, dealing with lag and hobbits underfoot? I thought not!"

Weatherstock has become a tradition on the US Landroval server, a yearly gathering of bands and music lovers at the summit of Weathertop (aka Amon Sul) in the Lone-lands. Where once Frodo and Aragorn fought off the Nazgûl, these grounds now will be covered in song and spirits. Organized by the Lonely Mountain Band kinship, Weatherstock will feature three hours of music as 10 bands face off to win prizes. However, only one group will be chosen by the crowd and declared the best.

The player-run event is very organized, with "Freakout Zones" and cheap goodies available. If you play on another server and want to check Weatherstock out, lowbie characters will be protected by event security, who are tasked with beating down enemy mobs on the road to the summit. You can surf the crowd at Weatherstock on Saturday, June 12th, 7pm EST on the Landroval server.
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