Steampunk Arduino Watch tells time, plays Breakout, thrills the world

Darren Murph
D. Murph|06.13.10

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Steampunk Arduino Watch tells time, plays Breakout, thrills the world
We've seen no shortage of homegrown watches in our lifetime, and the quantity of Arduino-based gadgetry that graces the web each day might just outnumber the quantity of humans incensed by BP right now. But so far as we can tell, this is the first instance we've seen of the two combining in holy matrimony. The delicately crafted Arduino Watch: Steampunk Edition actually lives up to its name, providing augmented sensing of temperature and range, a 16-bit color drawing program, Breakout game and the ability to display time in digital, analog or binary. Best of all, the creator asserts that various other sensors and programs can be added on a whim, which is something your $4,000 Sea-dweller most certainly cannot say for itself. Speaking of cost, we're told that the whole shebang can be crafted for around $250, but considering that you'll be a local hero should you actually duplicate the effort here, you owe it to yourself to give those source links a long, hard look.

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