Kinect Sports and Joy Ride previewed, in brief (video)

Ross Miller
R. Miller|06.15.10

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Kinect Sports and Joy Ride previewed, in brief (video)
We've already gone a bit more in-depth with the likes of Kinect Adventures, Dance Galaxy, and Your Shape, but we also had a couple brief thoughts on Microsoft's motion-centric sports pack and cartoon racer. With Joy Ride, you'd think holding your arms out pantomiming steering would be burdensome, but in our time with Joy Ride, it really never became an issue. In fact, the one control aspect we were hesitant about going into the race -- power sliding -- turned out to be quite effortless. It made perfect sense tilting our bodies around sharp corners. It's during the windows where stunts were allowed that we discovered the full-bodied parallel to button mashing. Seriously, people were instinctively ducking jumping, twisting, and flailing hoping for some bonus points.

As for Kinect Sports, Microsoft wasn't showing much of its track-and-field centered Kinect Sports title, but what we saw didn't fill us with confidence. The bowling game was particularly troubling, with numerous very random throws (that ended up in the gutter a lane over) and a very finicky depth-perception that wouldn't let us really wind up or step forward very effectively. Meanwhile, the 200 meter hurdles worked just fine, but it was also a pretty simplistic running-in-place experience that was possible a couple decades ago with the NES's Power Pad -- although Kinect makes it a lot harder to cheat. Miller vs. Miller video after the break. %Gallery-95217% %Gallery-95215%

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