Kinect Adventures preview unearths our frightening lack of coordination

Maybe we came into it as pre-judgers, but there's nothing about Kinect Adventures that really redeems the experience in our biased, fun-hating eyes. We're not really sure if our bigger problem is with the loose controls or the actual gameplay concepts, but it's certainly a mix of both. We started out with the mining cart obstacle course, which has a certain charm in its simplicity: side step, jump, duck, and the occasional arm spread to gather tokens. These grander gestures seemed pretty easy to handle, and while we'd certainly grow bored of the game after 30 minutes or so, it would at least be a good 30 minutes of cardio.

Things went downhill from those middling heights, however, with the very vague and unsatisfying block-busting ball game, that seemed hardly responsive to our quick, desperate motions (or maybe we just weren't very good at it), and the frenetic but ultra-loose controls of the river rafting. At least the teamwork aspect of the rafting game is interesting, and we'd love to see how good we could get with a dedicated partner, but there's just something about hopping and side-stepping that just can't feel as complex and comprehensive as "real" controls. In all we recognize these experiences as stuff that could only be done with Kinect... we're just not sure yet if they needed to be done. You can check out video of our miserable performance after the break. %Gallery-95204%