TERA teases E3 screens of the week

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|06.18.10

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TERA teases E3 screens of the week
Despite wowing the gamers at E3 with their hands-on demo this week, the folks at En Masse Entertainment still managed to find time to tease a few more screenshots of their upcoming TERA fantasy/action MMORPG. The sixth installment of the Screenshots of the Week featurette gives those unfortunate souls who couldn't make it to E3 a glimpse into the demo from the show.

"Feast your eyes as an intrepid party of adventurers battle a Red Lash Dreadnaught, a Red Lash Juggernaut, and two Kazuur Syndicate Overseers," writes Scapes, En Masse senior community manager, in a teaser post on the game's official forums.

You can view the three new screens on TERA's official website, or view the Flickr photostream for larger versions. And don't forget Massively's very own TERA hands-on as chronicled yesterday from E3!
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