Why there's no such thing as universal 3D glasses

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|06.18.10

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Why there's no such thing as universal 3D glasses
Some consumers hate everything about 3D and probably spend ridiculous amounts of time collecting facts to enforce their argument that 3D is a gimmick and will end up a passing fad. One of the more recent observations of evidence was the fact that a pair of 3D glasses from one 3DTV aren't compatible with other 3DTVs. We agree that this is less than ideal, but then again we've always thought the same thing about the remotes that come with all our home theater components. XpanD intends to release its X103 universal shutter glasses, but do they really work as good as the ones that ship with your 3DTV? Evidently just being compatible with the IR sync signal isn't enough, and in fact 3D glasses are often tinted to optimize the picture quality -- like including an amber tint to correct the colors on a 3DTV. In addition, the glasses do block light and one pair of glasses for a 3D LCD might block too much light to be used with a plasma -- since it can't get bright enough to let you skip the tanning bed. This seems like a valid concern, but it also seems like a problem that could be overcome with appropriate calibration techniques. But then again, everyone would still have to have the same pair of glasses, so it kind of defeats the purpose.
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