Android + Asteroids + multiplayer = Androideroids (video)

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|06.22.10

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Android + Asteroids + multiplayer = Androideroids (video)
iPad Scrabble playable on your iPhone? Pretty neat. Desktop Asteroids playable on your Android smartphone? Rather more action-packed -- and a little less expensive to get into. Androideroids is a project of Grant Skinner and runs on Adobe's Air platform. It's an eight-player game hosted on a desktop, with each participant given a first-person smartphone view of the vast expanses of space and the hollow rocks scattered throughout it. Meanwhile, a desktop client displays an overhead perspective of the shenanigans, displaying everyone's life and score. Players can either shoot asteroids or each other, tapping on the screen to thrust and fire while tilting to turn. Honestly the move to first-person doesn't seem to have done anything to improve gameplay, but this is still one game of Asteroids we'd make room for in our games folder.

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