Jimmy Kimmel films entire show with iSight, conspiracy theorists raise an eyebrow

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I hate to be the one to point this out... but Jimmy's network, ABC, is a Disney division. Disney, in turn, owns Pixar; naturally, Pixar's chairman sits on Disney's board and happens to be the largest single shareholder in the entertainment mega-conglomerate. Yes, folks, both Mickey Mouse and Jimmy Kimmel work for Steve Jobs, in a manner of speaking.

We already know that Mac plugs and Apple references are business as usual for Pixar (in fact, there's a flat panel iMac prominently featured in Toy Story 3)... could a Mac-saves-the-show stunt be extra publicity for a teensy Apple product launch this week? [See below -- looks like "no, it isn't."] Not that the iPhone 4 particularly needs the help.

We'll try to get an answer out of ABC's press relations team in the morning to determine whether this is a true story of comic ingenuity. or a very elaborate Apple ad. Update: True/Slant had a reporter at the show, and they did in fact start quite late after power problems; Kimmel was apparently in no mood for these shenanigans. The New York Times posted a brief interview with Kimmel where he said the stunt was not an Apple promotion; in fact, he was concerned Apple might take the whole thing the wrong way.

[via Macworld]
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