Segway i2 suffers ultimate indignity at the hands of Colorware (video)

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|06.23.10

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Segway i2 suffers ultimate indignity at the hands of Colorware (video)
How does a niche repainting outfit like Colorware grow? By literally growing the size of things it deals with, apparently. As of today, Colorware will adjust the hues of your Segway i2 any which way you like for an entirely unaffordable $1,500. If you didn't have the foresight to buy one of these personal transporters before, you can have a brand new one, replete with your personalized paintjob, for $7,500. And good news for non-Americans: the latter option is available internationally too! See this beautiful freak moving and grooving in scarlet red just after the break.
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Segway i2

WINONA, MN June 21, 2010 --- The Segway i2 is the first in a campaign of products aiming to expand the expectations of customers. ColorWare is a driving force in custom consumer electronics, but why should it stop there? We have been listening to your requests, and will be adding a level of variety that is sure to take you by surprise.

From security teams and new sports to your favorite TV show character, the Segway has become an iconic, revolutionary device. Now ColorWare has offered its palette of colors to give your tech the style it deserves.

The Segway offers a modern design paired with the power of a revolutionary motor and balance system. Now, with nearly limitless color combinations, it's guaranteed to be one of a kind.
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