Engadget Podcast 203 - 07.02.2010

Robots, death, Epic Fascination, and tropicalia: genre-surfing tokenism dominates the Engadget Podcast this week.

Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller
Guest: Chris Ziegler
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Castor - Rude Boy

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00:02:58 - Motorola Droid X review
00:04:40 - Introducing review scorecards!
00:18:48 - Droid X ad pokes fun at iPhone 4 antenna troubles
00:26:15 - Samsung's American Galaxy S phones pose for family portrait
00:26:48 - Samsung Vibrant is official on T-Mobile, coming July 21 for $200
00:26:53 - Verizon ropes in Samsung Fascinate, US Cellular gets a Galaxy S too
00:26:55 - Samsung T-Mobile Vibrant and Verizon Fascinate preview
00:27:00 - Samsung's Epic 4G for Sprint seems to live up to its name
00:30:10 - Samsung Epic 4G preview
00:42:41 - Microsoft says Kin software update is scheduled for mid-summer
00:42:45 - Kin One drops to $29, Two drops to $49, data plans remain silly expensive
00:42:50 - Microsoft Kin is dead
00:42:55 - T-Mobile kills off current Sidekicks, Kin says 'welcome to the club'
00:47:00 - What killed the Kin?
01:11:05 - Hulu Plus announced with support for iPad, iPhone, PS3, Xbox Live, and more (update)
01:15:15 - Hands-on with Hulu Plus via Samsung HDTV, iPhone and iPad
01:15:45 - Hulu Plus preview arrives in iTunes App Store, Flash be damned
01:16:00 - Hulu CEO: we're 'complementary' to cable
01:16:23 - HP / Palm buyout officially complete -- get ready for webOS printers
01:19:35 - MeeGo for handsets makes its first appearance

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