Honda shows off conceptual, solar-powered station to refill your conceptual, hydrogen-powered car (video)

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Hydrogen-powered cars, like Honda's FCX Clarity, face a lot of hurdles, not the least of which being a fuel source requiring more energy to produce than it in turn gives out as energy. Honda is showing one way to mitigate that with its conceptual home-based recharging station. It relies on a six-kilowatt solar array to power an electrolyzer, splitting water molecules into hydrogen atoms. Eight hours of sunlight generates a half-kilogram of hydrogen, enough for the FCX to cover about 30 miles -- your average commute. However, there are some obvious concerns, not the least of which being that massive solar array (shown on the right in the picture above), which is twice the size of car it's powering. Then there's the cost, and while Honda isn't saying how much this might set you back if it ever did come to production, we're guessing it'd make the JFE Engineering's $60k quick charger look like something of a bargain.

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