Samsung's Windows Phone 7 prototype slipping out to Imagine Cup finalists

You thought about shipping off to Warsaw for the Imagine Cup 2010 finals, didn't you? 'Tis a shame you didn't, because Microsoft is fixing to hand out Windows Phone 7 prototypes to every last finalist at the show (around 400, we're hearing). The winning team has already received their handsets after receiving a mighty round of applause from developing Beastware, and while it's impossible to tell from images so far, the phones that they acquired look to be the same as the Samsung device we toyed with back in June. Funny -- we reckoned the finalists at a show like this would be in that elusive Kin generation.

Update: Microsoft just pinged us with a clarification. Only the Rockstar Award winners are getting prototype devices today, with the rest of the finalists on a list to receive "a retail Windows Phone 7 device when and where they become available."

[Image courtesy of artificialignorance]