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Who should I follow on Twitter? Gaming edition: part one

Who should I follow on Twitter? Gaming edition: part one
Laura June Dziuban
Laura June Dziuban|July 13, 2010 2:26 PM
Welcome once again to "Who should I follow?" where we spend countless hours trolling Twitter finding the best and most knowledgeable peeps for our readers to follow. This week, we've got a crazy one for you folks. In fact, it's so insane, that we're calling this "Part One." That's right, welcome to the wonderful world of gaming on Twitter. Such a vast and inspired land that we don't pretend to hold the secret mysteries to finding all the best Twitterers out there in just one go -- so consider this a first pass. The list is pretty vast, so get to following. Believe us, there are a lot of gems here.

Joystiq - @joystiq
WoW.com - @wowdotcom
Massively - @massively
1UP - @1up
Eurogamer.net @eurogamer_net
Amazon Games - @amazongames
Cheap Ass Gamer - @videogamedeals
Offworld - @offworld
Kotaku - @kotaku
Major League Gaming - @MLGPRO
Gamer Hotline - @gamerhotline
IGN - @ign
GameTrailers - @gametrailers

Valve Software - @VALVeSoftware
thatgamecompany - @thatgamecompany
Irrational Games - @irrationalgames
OnLive - @onlivegames
EA Presents - @ea_presents
Naughty Dog - @naughty_dog
Lucas Arts Games - @lucasartsgames
SEGA - @sega
SEGA Press - @sega_press
Infinity Ward - @infinityward
Treyarch Studios - @treyarch
Rockstar Games - @rockstargames
Remedy Entertainment - @remedyalerts
Majesco Entertainment - @majesco
Bioware - @biofeed
Eidos Montreal - @eidosmontreal
GameStop, Inc. - @gamestop
Razer - @CultofRazer
Capcom - @capcom_unity
Ubisoft - @ubisoft
Lionhead Studios - @lionheadstudios
Bungie Studios - @bungietweets
Halo Waypoint - @HaloWaypoint
TriplePoint - @TriplePoint
Turn 10 Studios - @turn10studios
Zynga - @zynga

Chris Grant, Joystiq - @chrisgrant
Justin McElroy, Joystiq - @justinmcelroy
Ludwig Kietzmann, Joystiq - @ludwigk
Ben Gilbert, Joystiq - @BigBossBgilbert
Griffin McElroy, Joystiq - @griffinmcelroy
JC Fletcher, Joystiq - @jcfletcher
Alexander Sliwinski, Joystiq - @xandersliwinski
Andrew Yoon, Joystiq - @scxzor
Dave Hinkle, Joystiq - @davehinkle
Randy Nelson, Joystiq - @dangerpenguin
Michael Wilford, Twisted Pixel Games - @mrwilford
Frank Cifaldi, 1UP - @frankcifaldi
Chris Jurney, Double Fine Productions - @jurney
Karl Stewart, Crystal Dynamics - @crystaldkarl
Jamil Moledina, EA Games - @jmoledina
Ben Kuchera, Ars Technica - @benkuchera
Andre Vrignaud, Xbox - @ozymandias
Peter Molyneux, Lionhead - @pmolyneux
Libe Goad, Games.com - @libe_goad
Aaron Greenburg, Xbox - @aarongreenberg
Tim Schafer, Double Fine Productions - @timoflegend
Stephen Totilo, Kotaku - @stephentotilo
Chuck Jordan, former-Telltaler - @spectrecollie
Jeff Gerstmann, Giant Bomb - @jeffgerstmann
Simon Carless, Gamasutra - @simoncarless
John Davison, GamePro - @jwhdavison
Jeff Rubenstein, PlayStation Blog - @jeffrubenstein
Cheapy D, Cheap Ass Gamer - @cheapyd
Jared Gerritzen, Zombie Studios - @gerritzen
David Jaffe, Eat Sleep Play - @davidscottjaffe
Tracey John, UGO - @traceyjohn
David Cox, Konami - @castlevanialos
Garnett Lee, Shacknews - @garnettlee
Charles Martinet (the voice of Mario) - @charlesmartinet
Kyle Orland - @kyleorl
Major Nelson, Xbox - @majornelson
Kimi Matsuzaki - @ubikimi
Marty O'Donnell - @MartyTheElder
Clint Hocking - @clicknothing
Ken Levine - @IGLevine

Killzone - @killzonedotcom
Quake Live - @quakelive
Dead Space - @deadspace
Dragon Age - @dragonage
Final Fantasy XIII - @officialffxiii
Rage - @ragegame
Battlefield BC2 - @officialbfbc2
Battlefield 1943 - @officialbf1943
Battlefield 2142 - @officialbf2142
DJ Hero - @djhero

Joystiq Lulz (quotes from the Joystiq podcast) - @joystiqlulz
Kevin Butler (fictional account from PlayStation ads) - @thekevinbutler

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