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Who should I follow? cellphone edition

Who should I follow? cellphone edition
Laura June Dziuban
Laura June Dziuban|June 2, 2010 5:40 PM
Welcome back to "Who should I follow?" where we take on the overwhelming and tiresome task of figuring out who you should follow on Twitter for you, and compile a neat and convenient list. If you're really seriously into cellphones, this one's for you: we've pulled together everyone we can think of (and we'll keep adding to it!) here -- writers, companies, carriers -- and have compiled a major list for all tweets mobile. Enjoy -- and be sure to add your suggestions in the comments!


the::unwired - @theunwired
The Nokia Blog - @thenokiablog
MobileSyrup - @mobilesyrup
Phone Scoop - @phonescoop
Symbian Guru - @symbianguru
All About Symbian - @AAS
AndroidGuys - @AndroidGuys
Android Central - @androidcentral
Boy Genius Report - @boygeniusreport
FierceWireless - @FierceWireless
MobileCrunch - @MobileCrunch
RCR Wireless News - @rcrwirelessnews
WirelessWeek - @WirelessWeek
IntoMobile - @IntoMobile
mocoNews - @mocoNews
CrackBerry - @crackberry
PreCentral - @precentral
WMExperts - @wmexperts
Recombu - @recombu

Telefonica - @Telefonica
Telus - @telusmobility
T-Mobile UK - @TMobileOfficial
3 UK - @3Network
T-Mobile USA - @TMobile_USA
Cricket - @Cricketnation
Vodafone UK - @VodafoneUK
Vodafone Group - @Vodafone_Group
Verizon - @VerizonWireless
Clearwire - @clearwire
Clear - @CLEAR
Virgin Mobile USA - @virginmobileus
O2 UK - @O2
Sprint - @sprint
Sprint News - @sprintnews
AT&T News - @ATTNews
Boost Mobile - @boostmobile

Manufacturers / Software Firms

Samsung Mobile US - @SamsungMobileUS
Microsoft Windows Phone - @windowsphone
Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Dev Team - @wp7dev
Microsoft Kin - @KIN
Nokia - @nokia
INQ Mobile - @INQMobile
RIM - @BlackBerry
HTC - @htc
Motorola - @motomobile
Sony Ericsson North America - @SonyEricssonNA
Sony Ericsson Labs - @selabs
Palm - @palm
Pantech USA - @PantechUSA
LG (Ken Hong) - @visitken

Symbian Foundation - @Symbian
GSM Association - @gsmworld

Steve Litchfield - @stevelitchfield
Ewan MacLeod - @Ew4n
Rafe Blandford - @rafeblandford
Noah Kravitz - @Phonedog_Noah
Ricky Cadden - @rcadden
Stacey Higginbotham - @gigastacey
Jonathan Geller (Boy Genius) - @boygenius
Matthew Miller - @palmsolo
Tricia Duryee - @triciad
Eric Zeman - @phonescooper
Martin Cooper - @MartyMobile
Mary Jo Foley - @maryjofoley
Eldar Murtazin - @eldarmurtazin
Kevin Michaluk - @crackberrykevin
Paul O'Brien - @PaulOBrien
tnkgrl - @tnkgrl
Todd Haselton - @robotodd
Simon Sage - @SimonSage
Will Park - @WillPark
Philip Berne - @philipberne
Michael Oryl - @MichaelOryl
Dieter Bohn - @backlon
Stephan Constantinescu - @GJCAG
Greg Kumparak - @GregKumparak
Arne Hess - @arnehess
Rich Brome - @rbrome
Sascha Segan - @saschasegan
Zach Epstein - @zacharye
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