In-game items and real-world prizes abound in Runes of Magic's summer giveaway!

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|07.15.10

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In-game items and real-world prizes abound in Runes of Magic's summer giveaway!
What's the one thing better than free in-game prizes? Free out-of-game prizes, of course! How could you turn down winning some neat stuff like an iPad, subscription to PC Gamer, and SteelSeries accessories? You can't, and it's as simple as that.

Thanks to Frogster, we here at Massively are now hosting keys for the Runes of Magic Great Summer Giveaway! Grabbing and redeeming a key will get you access to the in-game Runesurfer's pack, which gets you a cool flying disc mount as well as a couple of in-game potions to temporarily enhance your character. And, when you redeem your key, you're also entered in a contest for a chance to win some great prizes!

Hungry for more information, including what's in the pack and what you can win? Want to grab yourself a key? Then look no further than after the break!

How can I grab me one of these bundles?

It's pretty easy! All you have to do is visit our key distribution site, click "claim key" and a key will be yours! Be warned, though, that our keys are only good for North American users! International users, sorry!

Once you have it, follow these instructions to redeem your key:

1. Redeem your key on the Runes of Magic homepage by going to the "Redeem Key" link located on the side (or go to: and enter your account information and redeemable key, then click "Submit."

2. Check your registered email address to find your gift code ID and password for your Runesurfer Bundle.

3. Log into your account and character, then click the "Item Shop" button on the lower right-hand side or press "/" key to open the Item Shop menu.

4. Click the "Redeem Voucher" button on the top left side of the Item Shop menu.

5. Enter the voucher ID and password. Check your Item Shop Backpack for your Runesurfer Bundle and enjoy!

But how do I win prizes out of all of this?


1. Players must be U.S. residents. This promotion is only for players in the United States who are playing on the official U.S. Runes of Magic servers.
2. Players need to have activated the item code successfully.
3. Players need to be at least level 20 by August 12th, 2010.

The Runes of Magic team will randomly select qualified winners and announce the winners on August 13th, 2010.The winners will be announced on the official Runes of Magic homepage and the official Runes of Magic forums.

The Prizes!

  • 2 winners will receive a 32 GB Apple iPad.
  • 5 winners will receive a SteelSeries Siberia Full-Size Headset.
  • 5 winners will receive a SteelSeries Kinzu Optical Mouse.
  • 5 winners will receive an exclusive Demon Lord statue.
  • 15 winners will receive a free 12-month subscription to PC Gamer Magazine.
  • 15 winners will receive $25 Runes of Magic Gift Cards.
  • 20 winners will receive Runes of Magic posters.
  • 30 winners will receive Runes of Magic diamonds valued at $10.
  • 30 winners will receive a Runes of Magic t-shirt.

So what's in that Runesurfer Bundle?

Well glad you asked! Here's a description of all of the items included in the free bundle pack!

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