iPhone 4 press conference, by the numbers

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iPhone 4 press conference, by the numbers
Apple dropped a lot of interesting numbers during the press conference this morning, from both their own research and AT&T's data. Steve Jobs also said that three million iPhone 4s have been sold to date, so let's put this into perspective.

.55 percent: This is the percentage of iPhone 4 users who have contacted AppleCare regarding antenna or reception issues. This comes out to only 16,500 AppleCare cases. We are not sure if this includes issues related to the proximity sensor; however, Jobs later acknowledged in the press conference that the proximity sensor will be addressed in a future software update.

1.7 percent: This is the number of iPhone 4s returned to AT&T since the initial release 22 days ago, which comes out to roughly 51,000 returns. By contrast, 6 percent of iPhone 3GS were returned in its early days -- and the numbers of those sold are lower than the iPhone 4.

The final number is that AT&T is reporting that less than one more call per 100 placed is dropped compared to the iPhone 3GS -- more calls are dropped than the earlier model, but it's only one more per one hundred. However, as was said in our liveblog discussion, this number probably does not take into account the calls that failed to connect in the first place.
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