TERA shows off Azarel's Temple

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|07.18.10

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TERA shows off Azarel's Temple
Has it really been ten weeks already? Time flies when you're looking at great TERA screenshots, and En Masse Entertainment has recently released the tenth installment of its Screenshots of the Week featurette. This set, coming to us from the dark innards of Azarel's Temple, may be the most exciting yet (or it could be just the fact that we love grim dungeon interiors that remind us of Raiders of the Lost Ark).

In any event, Azarel's Temple is hidden amidst the dense jungles of Southern Arun, and you can get a sneak preview of it by checking out the first three images in our gallery below, or by visiting the official TERA website. Just make sure you stay out of the light.
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