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Samsung joins the crowd, rejects Apple's Omnia 2 antenna claims

Samsung joins the crowd, rejects Apple's Omnia 2 antenna claims
Tim Stevens
Tim Stevens|July 20, 2010 9:31 AM
RIM and Nokia aren't the only ones saying "WTF Steve!?" after last Friday's press conference attempted to draw the competition into the Antennagate saga. Samsung has issued its own choice reaction about supposed problems with the Omnia 2, though this one is somewhat less sternly worded than the others:
The antenna is located at the bottom of the Omnia 2 phone, while iPhone's antenna is on the lower left side of the device. Our design keeps the distance between a hand and an antenna. We have fully conducted field tests before the rollout of smartphones. Reception problems have not happened so far, and there is no room for such problems to happen in the future.
Why is Samsung being rather more polite? Because it's full of really nice people? Or, is it because the iPhone 4 is stuffed with Samsung memory chips? We'll let your level of cynicism be your guide here.
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