Droid 2 and Android 2.2 fated to be together from the start, according to latest leaks

You know, some people get married with less information about their partner than we already have about the Droid 2. Today, we have a pair of independent leaks seemingly confirming that the second coming of Moto's QWERTY-sportin' Doer will be running Android 2.2 right out of the gate. Droid Life has a tipster that's apparently spent some quality time with the device, describing its keyboard as "phenomenal" and pointing out that it feels notably snappier than the original. The Froyo connection is reiterated by Phandroid's sources, which provide images of Verizon's device database indicating once again that Android 2.2 and Droid 2 will be an appropriately matched pair when the launch codes get entered (last mooted for August 12) and this thing finally hits retail.